The WMD Center offers programmatic and web-based resources to the U.S. WMD Community for the development of a deeper understanding of WMD-related issues and their intricacies.

The Program for Emerging Leaders
This Program is an effort to provide early-to-mid career future leaders an understanding of cross-cutting  WMD issues in the U.S. Government.  Please view the PEL Page for more information, including eligibility, application materials, and deadlines.
U.S. National Strategy Documents
This site features a comprehensive collection of the official U.S. Government strategy documents, including National Security Strategies dating from the Reagan Administration through today’s Obama Administration strategy document, along with Military and Defense Strategies, Quadrennial Defense Review reports, and strategies focusing on terrorism, homeland security, cyber security, and weapons of mass destruction.
MERLN is maintained by the NDU Library and is a military education research library network. Home to the Military Policy Awareness Links, MiPALS, which provide direct access to defense-related issues on selected topics. MERLN’s WMD MiPALs offers a unique research tool for WMD education.
WMD Case Study Series
The WMD Case Study Series is a new initiative of the WMD Center designed to provide information about the threat of WMD while meeting JPME Educational requirements in the classroom. This new series consists of case studies and complementary teaching notes.


The WMD Reading List is a resource compiled by the WMD Center to provide some information for those who wish to know more about WMD and related topics.